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9 Honors 

Click on some of the links below for tutorials n some of the topics we have been talking about in class.

Click here  Constructions  for animations of some of the basic constructions you need to know. These are the ones you need: Perpendicular Line Bisector, Angle Bisector, Perpendicular through a Point on a Line, Perpendicular through a Point Not on a line, Congruent Angle, Parallel Line through a Point.

MATHOPENREF Constructions

Delta Math

 Algebra I

Delta Math


Pauls Online Notes

Here is a website that is an excellent reference if you need to  download notes or worksheets on a particular topic. I know that it is a college level website, and there are some things that are more advanced than we need . But there are also some good references for our level as well. 

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