Mr. DeRosa's Math Bulletin Board

Remind 101 is like Twitter in that you can only type 144 characters. I have more to say than that.

I will give the copies of the script to the first stage crew member I see after school. Please distribute to the rest.

We have a garbage can for the park scene. I marked its location with an X downstage left.

We now have a bar for the "Jan's basement" Scene. I marked the location of the back corners. (SL)

The black boxes for the dance scene are now SCREWED TOGETHER so they need to be carried by the two people listed. Mr. Jordan will want the CAST that sits on them to move them out of the way for the dance scenes. We need to be ready to take them from them and move them to the backstage area.

Someone please remind the cast members moving the lockers on and off stage of what they need to do. Remember lockers go off STAGE LEFT after the scene. We should be waiting for them to take the lockers from them and place them out of the way after the scene.

I highlighted in gray some of the major changes that I made to the script.

Lighting will be there today. So please be attentive to anything they need.

Again, make notes of any issues or things that might need to be tweaked to make things run smoother. 


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