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1. 9/7 - Complete Design Journal Reflections  "How would you describe..." (Answer both questions, with complete, thoughtful sentences.)

2. 9/11 - Complete "Scratch Surprise Reflections" (Answer both questions, with complete, thoughtful sentences.)

3. 9/15 - Complete "Programmed to dance" reflections

4. 9/25 - Complete "10 Blocks" reflections.(Answer all 3 questions, with complete, thoughtful sentences.) THIS WILL BE COLLECTED AND GRADED AS A 10 POINT QUIZ GRADE.


Projects turned in after start of class on the due date  will be assessed a 10% penalty PER DAY, including weekends.

My Activity Assignment - Due Wednesday May 2.

For this assignment you will design an activity/project with the goal of teaching a Scratch user to do something that they may not know how to do. Your idea must be ORIGINAL, and MEANINGFUL. 

1) Look at the activity descriptions in the book, and design it based on those. This means the STRUCTURE of the activity description, NOT the content.

2) You will fill in ALL SECTIONS of the form. The form indicates the MINIMUM number of each item required in each section.

3) "Resources" can include a handout, that you write and design or  references to Scratch studios.

4) You will Be graded according to the following rubric:

All Sections complete: 10 Points

Clarity of the Goal in your description: 10 Points

Minimum Requirements of each section: 25 points (Minus 1 point for each one that is missing)

Neatness of the write-up that you hand in: 15 Points I must be able to read it. You may Re-Type it if you need to.

Complete Sentences: 10 Points You will lose a point for every sentence that is not a complete sentence. 

Originality 10 Points. This means that it must teach the learner something that was NOT explicitly taught within the Scratch workbook. This means that you can not simply COPY a lesson out of the book. The idea must be your own.

10 BONUS Points! If I select your project as the next project in class, you will get an extra 10 Points!

Teach Me Project

This project will be due by the end of class Wednesday 4/18

Since you are being given so much time to complete this, I am expecting higher quality projects than I have been receiving lately. That means at the VERY least, your project has to actually WORK!

For this project, You will choose a topic that you are learning (or have learned) in one of the following subjects: Math, Social Studies, English, Foreign Language, Health, Technology or FACS. You will create an interactive project that will teach that topic to someone who has not learned it before. (It should not be simply a screen with text to read.) A Slideshow with relevant pictures or a movie is a good idea.


-You MUST have clear instructions in the comments. If I need to figure out how to use your project, you will lose 10 points.

-Your project should end with a "test" with at LEAST 5 question multiple choice (4 Choices per question).

-Your project should GRADE the test for the user. (Give a percent correct.)

-It should recognize correct answers vs. incorrect ones, and come up with a score. When the test is over, there should be a summary screen that shows which questions were answered correctly/incorrectly. For incorrect ones, show the correct choice.

For Example:

Question 1: Correct

Question 2: Incorrect. Correct answer is (b)

Question 3: Correct

Question 4: Correct

Question 5: Incorrect Correct answer is (d)

Your score is 3/5 = 60%

Interactions Project

Due at the End of the period Friday 3/9.

Incorporate all 9 Puzzles on the "Interactions" page into a single project. Your project should NOT simply be the 9 puzzles that stand alone. That will be the BARE MINIMUM, and only earn a grade of 75%.

Figure out a way to have them all work together into a complete idea for your project, whether it is a "movie" "scene" or "game."

Fish Chomp Project

Due by Beginning of Class.

Follow instructions for the "Score" page

Here is a link to the Fish Chomp Project 

Scrolling Game Project Due by End of Period Friday 2/2.

Create a "scrolling game" which involves a sprite moving through scrolling scenery. The object of your game should be for your sprite to avoid touching whatever objects are approaching it. 

Your projects should include at least 2 different backgrounds that change after some level of success. i.e, you pass through 5 times, so the background and obstacles change. Refer to this example of a simple scrolling game for ideas.

Scrolling Game Sample

"Pass It On" Project Due by the end of the Period 12/21

You will choose a partner (pairs only) and create a "Holiday Themed" story project. Include characters, dialogue, backgrounds and sound. You will work on this project until the end of the Period 12/19. Then on Thursday, you will be randomly assigned another pair's project to remix.

The idea of the remix is intended to IMPROVE or continue the project in some way. Add more scenes, characters, backgrounds. 

Describe the changes that were made in the remix in the notes.

Be respectful. You are NOT to ruin, destroy or otherwise disrespect someone else's project. Consequences for doing that to someone else's project will be severe.

"Scenes" Project Due by the end of class 12/6 

Create a project that tells a story, that incorporates everything that we have done so far, plus uses different backdrops. The following are the minimum requirements:

  • At least 3 Character sprites that interact with each other
  • At least 1 sprite or backdrop that was created with the "paint" feature 
  • At least 4 different backdrops
  • incorporate a sound
  • use dialogue between your characters
  • Use Broadcast blocks
  • Define at least 2 of your own blocks. Again, these can not simply be one command that can be accomplished with an existing block.

"Conversations" Project Due by the End of Class 11/30

First, Remix the "Penguin Joke" project to use ONLY Broadcast Blocks instead of "Wait" blocks. There should be NO "WAIT" BLOCKS in your finished project.

Click here to access the project.

Dialogue should not "overlap." That means one bubble should disappear before the next one pops up. Just as it does in the original project. Put your remixed project into the "Penguin Joke" Studio.


Create a new project that features a conversation between at least 3 sprites interacting with each other. Use the "Broadcast" blocks (NOT the "wait" blocks) to make the conversation flow smoothly. The dialogue should not pop up for any 2 sprites at the same time. One dialogue bubble should disappear before the next one pops up. (Characters should not be talking "at the same time.') Put this new project into the "Conversations" studio. Make sure it is interesting. Use movement and at least 3 different backgrounds.

Due by End of Class 11/15

"Characters" Project

Create a project that uses at least 3 new blocks that you define. 

Each block you create should contain at least 3 different blocks and should NOT simply duplicate a function that is possible with a standard Scratch block.

Use them on at least 3 different sprites.

One block should involve movement of the sprite. 

One should involve changing the appearance of the sprite. (Color, costume, effect, etc.)

One should involve the sprite making a sound.

Additional blocks that you create can do anything else you'd like.

Remember to make it interesting! Something you would be proud to share.

Due by Beginning of Class 11/13

"Music Video" Project

Create a music video approximately 1 minute long that incorporates different sprites, backgrounds and music that you either create in Scratch, or download. It should incorporate different costumes and backgrounds to create animation. It can tell a story, or just be an interesting collection of images just like a regular music video. Make it interesting! Something you would be proud to share!

Due by Beginning of Class 10/30 

"It's Alive!" Project.

Build a Halloween Themed project that animates your sprites. Use different costumes and motion blocks to animate them. Add sounds and backgrounds to make it spooky!

Due by Beginning of Class 10/20

"Orange Square, Purple Circle Project"

Experiment with the Paint Editor. Create a project involving an orange square and a purple circle. Use at least 3 other sprites that you create using the paint editor. Have the sprites interact in some way. Add different looks and motion blocks to bring your project to Life. Use different backgrounds and "Effects" blocks to make your project interesting. Try to make different "costumes" for the sprites you create.

Due by Beginning of Class 10/16 - "Build a Band" Project. Use a minimum of 5 different Sprites, And 5 different sounds associated with them. Use Repeat loops (No more than 10 repetitions). A sprite may have more than 1 sound associated with it.

You can use "When Sprite is clicked" to play individually, or "When Flag is clicked" to run them in parallel.

Please bring in headphones or earbuds so only you can hear what you are doing.

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