Mr. DeRosa's Math Bulletin Board


My preferred method of communication with parents is via e-mail. I find that it is most convenient in that I can receive your messages, and you can receive mine at any time, and we can respond at our convenience, in the evening, or on the weekends. This will be the most efficient and reliable way of contacting me, and will guarantee the timeliest response.

My e-mail address is .

If you prefer, you may also call the main office at 730-4700 and ask to leave me a voicemail. However, I may not check my voicemail every day. So you may not get a call back right away.

It is important that I have an e-mail address for a parent of every student. If you simply send me an e-mail from the account that you would like to receive these progress reports, I can create a contact list. 

You can also check your child's performance on individual tests by accessing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

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